Bellarine Peninsula Unexplained Incidences Exciting times in Geelong on a group Ghost Tour, we seem to have gotten the double jackpot on this one!


Bellarine Peninsula Unexplained Incidences 

Old Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour at 10:00PM on Saturday May 24 2014

Exciting times in Geelong on a group Ghost Tour, we seem to have gotten the double jackpot on this one!

IMAGE Capture of UFO over Geelong 2014 Saturday MAY 24  – CLICK FOR MUCH MORE:

Well while you are on a Ghost tour you dont expect to see strange unexplained lights in the night sky!

But many in the ghost tour group while outside walking the grounds did see this object change colours and fly an erratic path sometimes slowly and then accelerate in a straight line for a fair distance then randomly move around for at least ten minutes.  CLICK FOR  MORE:

IMAGE Capture of ORB in Geelong Gaol 2014MAY24 – CLICK FOR MUCH MORE:

At the end of the tour, the Tour Guide was giving a final talk on her own experiences in the gaol alone at night.

 Telling us about a ghostly figure of a man at the foot of some steps at the back of the cell block.

I believe it was about this time that I took the two photos seconds apart where the strange light was later seen in the image, as it was not noticeable by anyone in the group when she was talking to us at the time.  CLICK FOR  MORE:

The Original UFO & ORB Images and Videos are from the Transcend Micro SD Card copied to my computer as are and not touched in any way -unfortunately in JPG, cause thats how the camera stores them.

Taken with a Panasonic DMC TZ30 on IA Intelligent Auto setting. The other images are copies of the originals in JPG  I have tried to enhance them in Photoshop 4 to see the object more clearly by processing and zooming etc.

If you have better Image processing software try to process the originals for more clarity and let me know what you can see.

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