Old Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour 2014 May 24 Mysterious ORB in Photo

Went along with Pauline on a Ghost Tour of Old Geelong Gaol last night at 10:00PM. 2014 May 24th

Pauline’s Story – Waiting outside the green gate with other eager participants was itself a build up of a spooky kind. It was dark – and dark lends itself to all kinds of anticipatory experiences, like a Stephen King novel you can’t put down. In this instance we were hoping for a less gory or murderous ending! Just a gentle riding off into the sunset.

The Guide finally opened the gate after a suitable wait had elapsed and we all crowded around. Why is there always a lone late comer – or two? In my experience, late comers are a drag on the proceedings however they are given a little leeway and rarely left behind. In this environment tonight, they would have no way to catch up as we are now lost in the dark within the walls of a gaol known to be haunted. The lamps we hold are a theatrical touch. The atmosphere is cold and dry. I say dry because it is difficult to accept the excuse of moisture in the air being responsible for discrepancies on film, discrepancies called ” orbs “.

Nothing was seen at the early stage of the tour, except our fellow participants, as we followed our female warder-guide along through deserted corridors and up walkways to different levels with the eerie glow from our lanterns. If we spoke at all it was in whispers. The only sound was our footsteps ringing out on metallic stairs and the jingle of our warder-guide’s keys.

Crowded together shoulder to shoulder within one of the tiny cells, we were instructed to turn our lanterns to the off position. At first, only the guide’s voice was evident, as she stood at the doorway, although her voice seemed to come from further away. It became evident that this was a busy area, there seemed to be a lot of chatter in the background yet no-one was speaking. I looked around me in the dark wondering if anyone else was hearing things as I was apparently. They gave no indication. Then there was a sound, like the rushing of air in or out, I couldn’t identify it and nudged Greg standing beside me with a questioning look. Did you hear that? Knowing he didn’t. We re-lighted the lanterns and exited, gladly, to explore another cell. This time as we went inside, the guide was last in. She turned and pulled the cell door shut. There it was! That sound I hadn’t identified in our earlier incarceration. It was the sound of a gaol cell door whoomping shut. I again nudged Greg. That was the sound I heard. In the other cell. While the door was open! Now strange things are occuring.

The kitchens and the shute in the ceiling where bodies were somehow transported to a nearby medical facility within the gaol were decidedly atmospheric and creepy. Couldn’t wait to move on out of there!

At the end of the tour the Tour Guide was giving a final talk on her own experiences in the gaol alone at night about a ghostly figure of a man at the foot of some steps at the back of the cell block. She had been alone, closing up and noticed someone standing there. As she approached the figure vanished.

It was here that we all turned to look down a deserted, darkened corridor towards the steps indicated. It felt like a place you might not want to go near. One of the group showed me a photo she had just taken of the stairs at the end. It clearly showed something there on the floor of the steps which certainly wasn’t visible to us as we turned for another look. We gave each other a raised eyebrow kind of look – it was a look we both understood.

I believe it was about this time that I took the two photos below of our tour guide seconds apart where the strange light was later seen in the second image, as it was not noticeable when she was talking to us at the time.

It was quite a shock to see that orb there when we got the photos home to pore over, as it wasn’t in the first shots at all. It actually appeared in one shot among a series of quick shots I took while the guide was talking about her disquieting experiences alone after tours ended when she was alone.

Very LARGE PICTURES – can take time to load!

The Original Images below are from the Transcend Micro SD Card copied to my computer as are and not touched in any way -unfortunately in JPG,

cause thats how the camera stores them. All taken with a Panasonic DMC TZ30 on IA Intelligent Auto setting with Flash on- no zoom factor at time of photo at 11:35PM.

The other images are copies of the originals in JPG  I have tried to enhance them in Photoshop 4 to see the object more clearly by processing and zooming etc.

If you have better Image processing software try to process the originals for more clarity and let me know what you can see.


Copy of Image to load faster above

Zoomed Copy of Image 
Zoomed Copy of Image

Zoomed Copy of Image

Heavily Zoomed Copy of Image with circle above

Original Second 5mb .jpg Image above

Original First 5mb .jpg Image above


On tour out in the grounds earlier and spotted a strange light moving in the sky to the south at 10:45PM.

It changed multi colours as it moved slowly and extremely fast in random directions.

 More about the UFO HERE>


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