Old Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour 2014 May-24 Mysterious UFO in night sky

Exciting times in Geelong on a group Ghost Tour we seem to have gotten the double jackpot on this one!

The tour of Geelong Gaol includes walking outside for some time looking at various areas of interest relevant to the Ghost tour. As I have a fascination for the stars and planets I was looking up at the dark night sky and noticed a lighted object moving quite rapidly out of the corner of my eye. Focusing on it I was amazed to see it rapidly change direction many times with no loss of speed. As an ex RAAF serviceman I was extremely surprised to guesstimate the object was at least five to ten kilometres away but travelling at a speed I have never seen before and then hovering at a standstill.

Luckily I had my camera at the ready all the time on the tour so was able to get some images of the object as it hovered and video as it moved across the sky. Obviously the camera was unable to get perfectly clear and focused images under the night light conditions but it clearly shows all stars as unfocused blobs but the object as definately something different in the night sky.

Most on the Tour spotted the UFO erratically speeding across the night sky after I drew their attention! Most agreed it was certainly very unusual and definately could not be identified!

WE only spotted the ORB appearing on one of my in sequence shots later on at home!